Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Since the early morning you’ll be surrounded with the best company. You’ll spend the day walking in the city, shopping in the mall and eating out.

A little frivolity is always worthwhile. You tend to take life too seriously, which works against your need for joy that characterizes those born under your sign.

Today in the afternoon a close friend will speak evil of your family member. If they knew how much you defend your intimacy, they would never dare. It’s impossible to criticize someone who belongs to your family in front of you without receiving a heavy blow.

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The excitement of bumping into so many end-of-season sales is going to push you towards overspending. If you manage to control yourself, you'll be able to update your wardrobe without getting ruined. Remember that payment in instalments is very deceptive and that you could be surpassing your real possibilities.

If you feel like buying a present to a friend, don’t hold back, this person is worth it.

The lucky number for Leos today is 47. This number will guide you towards wisdom and the proper use of your resources. In numerology 47 refers to introspection and building a secure foundation for the future.


This Saturday you’ll be feeling great. It’ll be a perfect day for socializing and your only problem could be tired legs and feet. You’ll spend the most of the day on foot and if you don’t wear comfy shoes, you could hurt your feet.

If you’re planning to go shopping, make sure your wear comfortable footwear.