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Today you’ll spend the day thinking about the past. You’ll feel like you’ve wasted too much time thinking that you won’t find love. You’re always looking for love outside, trying to please people, make them recognize how much you have to give and have your efforts rewarded with love.

It’s time to change your point of view, to appreciate your conditions and ways to see life, to like what you see in the mirror and break free from those insecurities that you hide. If you fall in love with yourself, no one will be able to resist your charm.

You come first, Leo. Spend time with someone who really loves you.

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Today won’t be a good day to check your finances. Although you’ve had a good time at work, you’ll feel that the image you had of your activity is collapsing. Maybe you’re too hard on yourself?

You could be happy with your daily performance if you weren´t looking for constant recognition, but rather focusing on the satisfaction of good results of your work.  

Attending a course or training will help you break the routine.

Leo's lucky numbers today are: 77, 89 and 50.


You’ll be feeling very tired in the morning. If possible, spend the day resting. Going hiking or taking a short walk alone in the afternoon in the nature would do you good. Breathing fresh air while walking will have a repairing effect on your entire nervous system, sharpen your senses and give you inner peace. You´ll be able to sort out your thoughts and priorities.