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You have to analyze your actions in this moment of your life. You can’t make sudden decisions without taking your time to think since they could lead you to desperate situations.

Fire signs tend to have this characteristic to act without thinking about the consequences of their actions. And sometimes you have to pay the price, Leo.

Focusing on what you have in life will give you a greater perspective of reality. Observing your partner will help you understand how lucky you are.

Everything is changing and sometimes people come and go. Accept life’s movements naturally so that you can take advantage of the good and let go of the bad.

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The eclipse in your area of employment might have surprised you negatively. Everything happens for a reason; look for the synchrony in every loss or setback.

Discipline will help you reach the goals that you’ve been chasing for quite a long time. Focusing your energy on what is really important will lead you to meet your expectations.

You’ll feel very proud of the steps you’ll be able to take. Many people around you have doubted your ability to achieve these advances; and even if they don't tell you, they’ll feel certain envy of your ability to shape your dreams.


You might find it difficult to adapt to all these changes in your life. That's why your mind at rest brings disturbing images loaded with symbols that you have to learn to decipher.

The interpretation of dreams is a knowledge which the Arabs have already paid great attention for years. Dreams have always given people advice and signs about their future.