Leo Daily Horoscope for June 9

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Your presence is similar to a tornado: the center of energy that shakes everything it touches. If you show your feelings, you can’t expect to go unnoticed. Your energy modifies everything around you. Imagine that you’re a color which dyes everything on its way. Therefore, it’s very important that you leave your anger and rage behind and connect with the love you feel deep inside you when you’re calm.

A very peculiar person will come your way and try to get in touch with you. Start walking the opposite direction if you don’t want to risk what you have for something you don’t need.  

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A very close family member will ask you for help regarding financial matters. Don’t turn your back on them since you wouldn’t want this to happen if you were in their shoes.

Imagine if you had nothing but financial problems and needs and your best friend or a family member were enjoying abundance and good luck. If they refused to help you, you’d feel terrible, Leo. It’s time you put yourself in others’ shoes. You’ve always found it difficult, but now your evolution partly depends on it.

Lending a hand will fill your soul with joy and you’ll see that helping others will help you.


Have you been neglecting your diet? If you feel discomfort, it has to do with your diet and foods you should avoid.

Many people are intolerant to gluten or dairy products and they don’t know it. It’s important that you avoid certain delicacies in your daily life. Bread can be more evil than you think and it's not just about adding kilos. Inflammation is bad for your organs. Food intolerance can lead to fluid retention, joint pain and poor digestion among other disorders.