Leo Daily Horoscope for March 9

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You cannot blame others for the problems you create by being arrogant and trying to seduce everyone. Beware of causing unnecessary jealousy because you could make things worse. Your day could be affected by the foolishness and uncharacteristic adolescent behavior of someone who wants to protect his or her partner.

If you need a boost in your self-esteem, it’s much more effective to go shopping to the mall in order to reinvent your wardrobe.  Clothes or accessories of warm colors, such as red, yellow or ochre, will give new emotional energy and vitality.

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It’s a perfect day to project your professional changes. Don’t be afraid or worry about it since these changes will bring you great benefits in the long run.

You may talk to your staff manager or other direct superior in case you work for a company. If you’re one of those Leos who are self-employed, you’ll be able to boost the sales due to new technologies.

Today is a good day to sign up for a course about social networking, employment or web design, so you can progress more in your career field.


If you’ve been worried about problems related to your digestion, you can calm down. Planetary aspects will bring you good healing energies and improvements to your eating habits.

If you’re one of Leos who tend to feel full and suffer from abdominal bloating, try to slow down your life rhythm. It’ll greatly benefit your digestion.

Many of your problems will go away if you start eating more slowly in nice and quiet places, giving yourself time to enjoy your food. Chewing your food many times at a slower pace can reduce your overall food intake and make you feel better.