Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have to be very attentive today, Leo. Temptation could lead you to walk on thin ice. Illusory thoughts will take over your mind and make you lose contact with reality and what really matters in your life.

If you leave fantasies behind, you’ll be able to see what your heart needs right now. Love in the novels is very intense and attractive but everyday life is different.

You may live passionate love encounters with the person you barely know. However, think twice about it because real love is different. Listen to your heart and follow your instinct.

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Astrological configuration suggests you act carefully when it comes to your finances.

If you’re thinking of buying something that costs a lot of money, seek advice on payment terms and product quality.

There are some planets that won’t benefit your material fortune unless you rely on your common sense and knowledge.

The more options you have, the better choice you’ll be able to make. Analyze every aspect of the matter and make the most suitable decision.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 154. This number indicates that the best thing you can do is look for answers that will lead you to meet your goals. You’ll be able to move like an arrow towards your objectives.  


Following a healthier diet made up of more fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts, cereals and plenty of pure water will have very noticeable effects on your health.

It’s an excellent day to create new habits and leave harmful ones behind.

Exercising, going to bed before midnight to sleep eight hours and not skipping breakfast are very simple changes that will lead to a better quality of life, Leo.