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Promises that aren't fulfilled have no value. As a good Leo, you know that the true value of things is in actions rather than in words. So, in addition, you avoid taking disappointments.

In love, what you truly appreciate is what the other person is able to show you. It's clear that as a sign of fire you like people to tell you nice things, but you prefer to know that by your side you have someone capable of giving it all for you.

In the same way, you know that receiving half-truths only hides a basic problem. Getting carried away by mistrust is, in love, a blunder that can end up with the most lasting relationships in time.


Making your money multiply isn't impossible. There are many people who have managed to amass great wealth from nothing and it will seem to you that this possibility also exists for you.

The truth is that at the point where you find yourself the situation can take a key turn that leads to wealth or the opposite extreme. Thinking about an online business or a way to sell can be a great project that helps you achieve business success.

On the other hand, you can always increase your earnings by doing specific jobs or collaborations that give you extra income.


Those high levels of energy come and go at a very precipitated rate. You will feel as if you received a power cut that appears out of nowhere and leaves you out of service for a few moments.

In these moments of inactivity, you can try to solve some questions or ask for help from a relative or friend to deal with your efforts. Don't force the organism too hard to carry out activities that could weaken you even more. Wait until everything is balanced again.