Leo Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

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That stage of loneliness that a lot of Leos were going through comes to an end. With the arrival of this new season, it seems that changes and love opportunities come to your life if you are single.

Only if you have a receptive attitude and avoid isolating yourself too much will you be able to walk hand in hand with someone you really value. With this attitude you will have an advantage that will make you more attractive. You offer that each relationship is different and special by itself instead of repeating patterns already learned.


The well of wishes doesn't exist but that stroke of luck that you just received will change your mind. The positive side of this situation is that you have learned the lesson and you are aware that truly valuable things are earned with effort and sacrifice.

Don't sit and wait for everything to be given to you; you go for it and you get it exactly as you want it. Today, however, will be a different day. You can ask for what you want, try your luck and hope, fortune will do everything else. If you dare to throw the coin, it's very likely that you will be pleasantly surprised.



Something that can hardly change for you is that desire for food. For you there is no better sign of love than taking you to your favorite restaurant or preparing your favorite dish.

On the contrary, something similar happens to you, and you enjoy showing what you feel by devoting your effort in the kitchen. At that moment you can identify yourself as that person addicted to the sweet food that you really aren't, but the truth is that you can't wait for the right moment to have some.

You should moderate a little if you don't want to suffer from indigestion and ruin the surprise, Leo.