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It seems that against all odds the time has come to make some kind of special declaration. You have a huge desire to show your love and you would almost shout to the world what you feel for that person who you share your life with.

Boasting about good mood and seeing the positive side of things is what it takes. Now you want to dedicate more time to that person and throw yourself into the relationship, after a season of certain calm that seemed to guide the relationship towards monotony.

You are clear that you know enough about your partner to take the step towards a commitment. You may be willing to take the step, but it may not be so easy to fulfill your intentions.


Like any end of the month, you will be willing to spend that money that is still to come. With this attitude it's normal that you have many things to do and that your list of pending things grows vertiginously, although you know well that the reality will then be very different.

Maybe this month you have to tighten your belt a little more than usual, Leo. Those objects that you want to buy may be of great help in the future, but not in the immediate one. For now, you will have to settle and adjust your visit to the shops only for what is necessary.


A bad posture or perhaps an excess of physical exercise are the reason for those discomforts that you feel in your back, Leo. This area of your body is going to become a source of continuous problems during the next few weeks, so the sooner you deal with the problem the more chances you have of reducing the discomfort.

In particular, you may notice certain pains in the lower part, the lower back. Learning to do some gentle exercises every day can also be very useful. In your next visit to physiotherapy, don't hesitate to ask about it.