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Leo Forecast for Tuesday 7th August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There are some waits that are more tolerable than others, Leo, but in this occasion you will have to have a lot of patience when you deal with your partner.

The person who you share your life with and you are waiting for the arrival of someone in your lives, a little person who will come under the sign of Leo and who will become a fundamental piece of your lives but whose arrival seems to be delayed.

They say that a happy outcome is worth waiting for, Leo, and that will be the message you must convey to your partner if you don't want to end up as nervous as he or she is. It will arrive at any time, so spend your energies on being prepared for when that happens.


You are hiding some kind of professional project or an activity that others will know about sooner or later throughout this week.

As if it were an unmentionable secret, you will act accordingly and maybe some gestures will end up giving you away. In the end, you know that everything ends up coming to light and that soon you will have to tell what you're up to.

You may have decided to participate in a literary contest, present some type of test to qualify for a job in another company or even, start to create some type of business online.

In any case, the stars recommend that, at least for now, you continue to carry out this activity with suspicion and try to stay away from certain looks, as they could try to harm you.



It seems that your mood is at optimum levels because you constantly want to joke and relate to others, go from here to there and plan outings with your friends.

You will find all those joke videos that make you laugh out loud to share with the people around you. Don't hesitate in doing it, laughter has more benefits for the health of the believers.

For example, several studies claim that laughing equals 10 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as abs. Who was going to tell you, that without realizing it you would be toning the muscles of your abdomen?