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Leo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 1st June by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Friday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have a way of loving that could sometimes resemble that of a wild animal: suddenly you may have the need to hunt some prey to feel really alive.

In seduction and courtship, you can find some of the most intense emotions that you love to experience. At the moment in which you find yourself, you have the need to carry out actions that leave a mark.

Be careful because, contrary to what you might expect, you can make the other person feel threatened due to the intensity of that force that you give off.


When it comes to your job you know very well what are the mistakes you make and what are those of the people around you. You could say that you're an employee who doesn't need constant supervision, because when you have supervision it annoys you a lot.

Therefore, you have the ability to rectify at the moment and avoid receiving a wake-up call. Even if you aren't working, you also have the ability to fix things when you see that you are wrong.

This isn't something that makes you feel disadvantaged with respect to others but quite the opposite: you are aware that no one is perfect, but you approach it to the extent that you detect your mistakes and you're able to correct them.


Outdoor activities are something you love to do even if you don't have the opportunity to develop them as often as you would like to. The need to be in contact with nature can make you buy some indoor plant to have in your home.

You may even want to renovate the garden or terrace, and you want to give a touch of joy, light and energy to your environment. If you incorporate some colorful flowers you will notice its effect immediately: you will feel in full form, happy to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth.