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Being able to enjoy some moments of solitude has for you an importance that you still don't know about. In some occasions you have even come to feel that spending a few hours without having contact with anyone was even necessary and that it has saved you from an argument or encounter with someone you live with -your partner, friend or family member-.

For this reason, you shouldn't miss or think about the worst if you see that the other person today decides to follow your steps and "get away from you". After all, you know first-hand that their attitude doesn't respond to having a real problem with you.


You spend as little as you can and that leads you to feel disappointed, especially for the complaints of those people who are affected by your limitations.

You can do what you want with your money and it's true that if it were for you, you wouldn't avoid so much going out or giving yourself some whim.

Maybe you could try to do a restructuring of your expenses to try to distribute them in another way to get more out of them or even, look for a new source of income.

Remember that when children reach a certain age, it never hurts to start working and that, by the way, they can begin to contribute their bit to the family economy.


When you want something that you don't get you are creating bad vibrations.

The moment you insist too much on getting it and you don't rest until you have it, you show an almost obsessive attitude that, truthfully, leaves you in a bit of evidence: it won't do you any good to complain if you don't put yourself to work.

Your mood threatens to make you plummet and cause you to feel like the most unfortunate person in the world. This universe of such complex sensations isn't doing you any favors.