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Leo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 15th May

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You are such an impulsive person that sometimes you even get scared of yourself. Other times, however, you regret seconds after taking the step.

If you have a stable relationship there's no danger because surely the other person is already more than used to dealing with this part of your character. On the other hand, if someone new has just arrived in your life, you should be very careful.

Showing that part of you progressively is important when it comes to talking about sensitive issues and in which you don't exactly agree. Seeing an attitude too sharp in your arguments at the first opportunity can ruin everything.


For a company like yours to work well, the people who work in it have to clearly want to make a living of it.

If there are incentives or juicy commissions at the end it seems that everyone is favored, it's an extra motivation that not everyone has in their job.

However, at times when the sector seems to be facing an uncertain future everything can explode and give way to a series of very unpleasant situations. Although in those circumstances you would like to have a little more support, the truth is that you will find that you will have to do everything alone.


Starting the day feeling the discomfort of tired legs is something terrible. Moving more will help you: try walking up the stairs instead of using the lift even though you feel some pain when walking.

On the other hand, avoid being in the same position for a long time and above all, drink plenty of water. If you continue to feel these discomforts throughout the day, think that perhaps what will be good for you is to solve this situation by going to a specialist.