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Leo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th June

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That internal fire that you have will increase this week. You're willing to make the passion settle again in your life, something that will be very beneficial for you. You need to feel that the other person really corresponds to you and doesn't run away from those desires you have, but feeds them and follows you.

If between the other person and you the existing complicity is good, both of you will find that you will enjoy more than ever. If, on the contrary, there isn't enough confidence, you will see your intentions frustrated and perhaps you feel that your relationship doesn't satisfy you enough.


Success isn't hard for you to achieve, Leo. If you feel that it escapes from between your fingers, perhaps it is because you aren't considering a possibility that, although it may seem remote, it's possible: something inside you is making you not want to take it.

This Sunday of rest you will have to take advantage to do the own thing, since a very frenetic week is coming that will mark those moments previous to the arrival of something that's not very good.

It's not that it's something that you don't deserve and that you can see as a kind of punishment of the cosmos. But it's about the consequences of some of the actions you did in the past.


In this phase in which you are now and in which it seems that you feel more receptive when it comes to letting yourself be guided by the advice of others, you may find it more appropriate to listen a little more to what your friends and family say.

Even if you don't believe it, they know you much better than you and they know your weaknesses, which is why when you receive a wake-up call it's because they really care about you.

It seems that you need to pay a little more attention to certain aspects of your life. You have to concentrate more on yourself and find out what you really need. This will prevent you from more of a dislike in the future.