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Happiness is something that you can find in the middle of your path more easily than you think. This doesn't mean that you must necessarily feel that something is missing, rather than that you mustn't let new opportunities go by to be happy.

If you're single, you might think of finding new ways to find a partner. Social networks or other applications can be a good place for it, Leo.

Although sometimes people lie in these places, if you find the right person you can see before a first date some of their qualities and assimilate them better, as well as, why not, prepare a good strategy for the conquest.




With fear you will only block the arrival of goals in your life. You never feel really ready to jump, Leo, until you discover that everything is a matter of taking the step.

Maybe you have the opportunity to do a job of great responsibility for which you think that you aren't yet qualified or that you don't have enough knowledge.

When this is the case, remember that it's only a symptom of certain insecurity, which is normal, but also shows some weakness on your part; something that a lion like you isn't willing to let anyone see.


Your diet is going to give you some problems and the weekend has only just begun. You're waiting for some clues to be able to make your discomfort in the teeth more bearable at lunchtime, but unfortunately there will be many things that you have to give up for a few days.

You like nothing less than having to repeat the same menu one day and another. To make matters worse, you have more appetite than ever and there are dishes that you won't be able to even try.

Think that following a soft diet for a few days may incidentally help you lose the odd kilo and feel more revitalized. Every cloud has a silver lining, Leo.