Leo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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A partner isn't a trophy to exhibit, Leo. You like to show off your conquests and the way in which you get people that you're interested in to fall at your feet, but today you could be a bit arrogant.

For you to be next to a person who seemed inaccessible has always been a way to recognize that great power that the king of the jungle has and that achievement is what you have conceived as a kind of prize to brag about in front of others.

Be careful because the time has come to change this attitude. True love and the relationships that really work are those in which their members treat each other as equals.



You are still pursuing your desire to give everything in your work. As if you had become an automaton capable of facing any task you're assigned to do, you will be surprised to realize that the hours pass and your state of concentration is still at optimum levels.

This rhythm will continue throughout the week, because when a Leo proposes themselves something they know how to get out of their interior an overwhelming force that will take them to unimaginable places.

The counterpart of all this is that, even if you manage to fulfill your obligations, the days will seem all the same and they will have the same result.


In matters of food, your stomach always seems to have the last word. Gluttony is something that overcomes you, especially in those stages of your life in which you have more work than usual or there is some situation that worries you.

You prefer to eat what you want at the time you want before you deprive yourself of your cravings. Self-control seems to shine by its absence in this moment of your life and if the price to pay is to do sport with greater intensity, you are willing to pay the consequences.