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Leo Magic Horoscope for This Coming Friday, June 15th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Friday
Leo Daily Horoscope |



Your power of seduction will be at maximum levels on a day when, unwittingly, you will find that you attract people who have been trying to enter your heart. That security in yourself causes you to release a magic that they will find difficult to resist.

By your side, you need someone who awakens in others the same charm and who practically reaches the same level as you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to feel truly happy in a relationship.

Anyway, what is clear is that today you will enjoy one of those days in which you show why you were born under the sign of the sun. You will awaken attraction and everyone will glance at you, provoking in you one of the sensations that you like to experience the most.


Work can become an authentic way of life for some Leo. You like to be someone of reference in your sector and therefore don't hesitate in throwing yourself into demonstrating your power and influence.

That others associate you with success is something that is practically an intrinsic part of Leos. If your resume is reviewed, you will notice that it's increasing and it will be like this until you have managed to put yourself in the position that you think you deserve.

However, this of wanting more and more and not knowing how to put an end to your ambitions sometimes causes you some discomfort. Maybe today you cry again for everything you haven't achieved.



Taking care of yourself is fundamental for you. Seeing yourself well and feeling comfortable with yourself is essential for you to have a positive attitude. When something in your body fails, as has happened these days with your joints, you can't help but be distressed.

However, today when you wake up you will see that all the problems and discomforts of these days have practically disappeared. In this way, you will remind yourself that falling when you feel this strong is quite complicated.