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You have a long list of friends and the truth is that you give great importance to your relationship with them. From your friendships you have managed to create a very solid relationship and also, to this is added the ability you have, almost innate, to get along with everyone.

In the moment in which your partner doesn't seem happy that you have such a close relationship with certain people, their attitude may end up causing you to think about your love relationship.

If the other person is someone so possessive that wants you to get away from your friends, you will not hesitate in stopping them. However, the problem will come when you realize that this won't be as easy as you thought and you have to think whether that person is really right for you or not.


If you work on your own you should already know that you have to charge at the moment the work you do. This issue has given you problems more than once and has created serious difficulties for you to reach the end of the month.

This time, you won't allow the situation to happen again. Tired of your customers giving you the runaround or that they make you waste your time, you will decide to get down to work and give the bill to all those people who owe you money.

You may even have to claim what belongs to you legally, Leo, so be prepared for a fight that will stretch over time.


Standing for a long time causes the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to become numb, generating different conditions such as arthritis and possible injuries.

In addition, blood circulation is impaired, since the muscles suffer an inflammation that produces pain. This is exacerbated if you also don't wear proper footwear, Leo.

The cause of these circulation problems can be found in your feet, which occasionally cause you to suffer discomfort in your legs. As the stars guessed, your feet seem to be the origin of a nuisance that is conditioning you on a daily basis. The time has come to get an appointment and go to the podiatrist's.