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Leo Magic Horoscope for This Coming Sunday, May 6th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Sunday
Leo Daily Horoscope |



If there's something that a sign as passionate and impetuous as yours has is that you seem to have things clear. At least, a priori. It seems that a stable relationship wasn't something you had in mind but that person you just met has come willing to put your world upside down.

Your preferences seem to have changed and now the idea of having a stable partner is becoming increasingly attractive. You don't believe in the possibility of having that person by your side for a few hours, what seems more important than a series of sporadic or causal encounters.

You know how to make yourself value and get a person to fall at your feet and you're willing to go for it.



There are a series of commitments that will require a lot of attention. You'll have to organize some kind of party, presumably family, and prepare some other gift for that dear person.

There will be so many things to do, that if you made a list you wouldn't have enough paper to write on. Don't get too carried away by indecision or by that desire to please everyone.

If you end up buying too many things to make everyone happy, you will have to make a large outlay that can cause your economy to suffer.



Stretching your legs a little throughout the day will help you to feel better. You suffer again from those discomforts that could be derived from a series of circulation problems.

Getting to favor the circulation of blood or adopting other types of postures will help you to continue the day well. In any case, from now on you will prefer to practice some other sport that may motivate you a little more, such as a team sport or some high-performance exercise.