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The normal thing in a relationship is that they spend as much time as possible together. In this way, you can find that common path that links both paths to the same destination.

You can try to advance in parallel towards that goal that you have in common, but sooner or later you will have to find the way to walk along the same path.

Use your weapons to join that person, you have the possibility before you more accessible than you think, Leo. When you feel your strength falter, you will have your partner by your side and you can lean on them.


Everything that comes to you during this day will deserve special attention. When that opportunity comes to your hands that will help you make the leap, you will know that your moment has arrived.

You will see yourself in front of a small treasure that you didn't expect to have at all. As if it were a blow of fate, you will live a series of situations that will make you feel deeply fortunate.

You can take advantage of this streak of good energy in the professional to enjoy a little more of the personal, as it could be investing a little more time in your beloved ones.


The external and internal changes begin to be a reality in you. You inaugurate this new month by collecting the fruits of your efforts of the last months, beginning to appreciate the results and the changes that have taken place in you both physically and mentally.

However, today you could live a situation that will end up destroying this serene calm of positivity. As if you were a pressure cooker that has been accumulating emotions and that now can come out suddenly when you least expect it.

You will have your guard down when this happens, so be careful because you could live a very unpleasant moment, especially for you.