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As it will do during the next few days, that cosmic energy charged with hopes and possibilities lives on. Thanks to this, you may live a reconciliation today with a relative or friend who you had distanced yourself from.

This energy will help to pave the way for the resolution of conflicts of the recent past and that they had given rise to the generation of the mentioned sentimental distancing. Now, these circumstances have changed and you have a very positive and encouraging immediate future.


In the workplace, the position of the stars with respect to the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will have positive consequences for your sign, since the people who have been born under them will provide you with the solutions to some problems that you drag in your work environment .

It may be a disagreement with a client, a project in which you aren't able to move forward or even an argument with your colleagues or team. In short: some issues that were a bit confusing will be clarified and you will feel that you have control over your professional level again.


Once again, there is an ideal new time to review your lifestyle, change habits that have been harming you. In addition, you will be more receptive, which means that you will be willing to listen to understand and learn from what the people in your environment have to tell you.

You also start to abandon that more arrogant attitude and that made you take the people around you to have arguments that you only wanted to have the opportunity to show off in your response and to be above others, imposing your reasons.