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Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Friday 4th May

Full Prediction for Today, Friday
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Having a partner isn't synonymous with depriving you of partying with your friends and enjoying your leisure time with them. The fact that the other person is too possessive and jealous with you is something you can't stand and the source of many arguments.

You won't like the fact that the person who had interest in having a relationship with you is acting that way.

Maybe their attitude responds to that insecurity or even distrust that some people wake up when they start to get to know someone. Give love a chance, it's normal that at the beginning strange reactions arise.


The key to adapting to economic adjustments is to value what we really need and what we don't. In times of abundance, the natural reaction of a Leo is to be carried away by its impulses, which can generate unnecessary expenses.

Making large purchases or investing too much money in non-essential goods could seriously harm your monthly economy. You can reduce the expenses if you establish a previous budget.

On the other hand, it seems that in the working environment the time to lend a hand has come, especially with that new colleague who has just joined the staff.

Helping them carry out their tasks will be part of your responsibility, so assume it in a way that doesn't interfere with your daily performance.


Once you find a way to recover energy and strengthen your defenses, the feeling of well-being will take over. This balance between body and mind will help you to continue with your effort to take care of yourself and to abandon bad habits, especially those that have to do with the products you consume.

Getting away from processed foods and those that contain high levels of fats and sugars should be a priority for you, especially if you are focusing your efforts on changing that part of your body that you don't really like.