Full Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 6th April
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While your heart is full of goodness, your words and your orders seem to say the opposite. Sometimes your comments exceed you and even you get surprised at the things you say; behind that look and that absence of bad intentions hide very aggressive words.

It may be a temporary behavior that threatens to become more evident throughout the day, so be careful and think twice what you are going to say. Without wanting to, you can deeply hurt the feelings of the person you love most.


You have a great interest in doing important things in your career but at the same time, it seems that you were born to sit down and give orders, to let others be in charge of the work instead of you.

You may be trying to shape your own future and you still haven't found the way, or you may have already found it but you haven't realized.

You face great enemies and it seems that the first and most important one is yourself. It's you who creates those barriers that prevent you from moving forward and achieve the recognition you truly deserve. You've worked hard over these years, Leo, don't throw all your work away.


After a day in which your egocentricity was at its highest level, the time has come to restore factory values. You will experience a completely different situation when you realize that something isn't working as expected.

You can't do anything more than wait for them to go back up the levels and pretending that with your bad mood things are going to be resolved isn't a very good idea.

One of your tricks is to compare yourself with others and conclude with which things they don't have and that you do.