Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 14th April

Full Prediction for Today, Saturday
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This weekend you will want to feel part of that person, which means that you will recover that almost puerile attitude that sometimes takes over you. You will practically become the shadow of your partner and you will want to go with them everywhere.

After a few days without enjoying their company with peace of mind, you won't accept the proposal to make separate plans. You won't stop until you have it under control and know what they're doing in each moment. An attitude to some extent strange and burdensome, but that responds to that need to feel loved after a day of sentimental slump.


Getting exactly everything that comes to mind will be your motto today, in every way. In the economic aspect, to make this phrase go from being an intention to a reality means buying everything that is put before you.

Going to the movies and to your favorite restaurant is just the final culmination of a day in which you won't want anything other than spending money and going shopping.

It's another way of giving yourself a little love and comfort those spirits that seem to be low. Don't be too capricious, there may be people around you who don't see the expenses you want to make with good eyes.


You have a good physical shape so without losing sight of the workouts, you will dedicate part of your time to activities that have to do with relaxation and rest.

You may find in yoga an exercise that makes you feel better about yourself or that you simply agree to take a quiet walk. This is a very good decision to make: everything that means moving will bring benefits and will be great for your body and mind.