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You will discover that you have the capacity to love and fall in love in a different way, breaking molds and even feeling attracted by people you never thought you could feel attracted to.

What you have always considered to be "what should be" may not be right. All those guidelines that you have been taught since childhood haven't adapted to your new sentimental reality, Leo, but that doesn't mean that the experiences you want to live and the relationships you want to have are less valid or respectable.

In love, you should always be the one who chooses and decides together which person you want to share your life with, as well as the way you want to do it.


You have extremes that can cause you certain problems. If you throw yourself to spend too much with the excuse that it's your birthday probably your pocket will suffer.

You can indulge yourself, but it's not a matter of leaving your bank account low. Even if you have received some extra money, your economy, in general, isn't very good. Give everything that isn't really necessary back.



The environment you surround yourself with has a lot to say about your state of health. If you surround yourself with people who have a series of unhealthy habits, you will most likely follow their steps.

This doesn't mean that you should break your relationship with them, but that you should try not to be too influential. It isn't about finding culprits or elements that can hurt you, the first step is to be firm in your convictions and have enough willpower to fulfill your purposes on a constant basis.