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Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 1st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Leos who are single will have to resign themselves at the beginning of the month and stop looking for an impossible. You're at a sentimental level in which finding the right person is going to be more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack, so stop insisting and focus on your friends and family.

A person who can be alone isn't satisfied with the first thing that appears in front of them and this is a lesson that you must learn before finding your better half. You can have someone by your side, but feel just as misunderstood and lacking in affection as if you were alone or even worse.



You often surprise others with one of your brilliant ideas. In the moment when things get really difficult, you bring out a spectacular fortress, you surprise with it with the same way a magician lets the children speechless when he pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

This is a capacity that you boast about and that gives you a skill that seems that only you have. Today you'll have to make an effort to put this skill into practice, because serious problems that will shake your company completely are coming.


You're afraid of going back to that moment of weakness that you suffered in the past and that even took you to spend a long time in hospital and visiting the doctor's. At the least symptom that you notice and that resembles the sensations and ailments that you experienced, you throw your hands to your head.

You can be standing up and after a few seconds find yourself fatal during the day, be very careful. You tend to cause yourself psychological problems that affect your physical health, so be realistic and analyze the symptoms well before running away.


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