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Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Wednesday 20th June

Magic Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



In the middle of the week your mood changes and your partner is more than used to it. It is a good time to start thinking about what to do at the weekend and to make the arrival of Friday more enjoyable.

Today will be a relaxed day that will allow you to enjoy a bit of peace and tranquility with your loved one. However, you may have in mind some activities that are a little more "active"

After a few days in which everyone seems willing to give you what you want, it seems that you can't avoid asking for some other caprice...


Your mind is immersed in the weekend, although there's still some days to go. You won't be able to avoid that today's workday makes you especially tired, but that for you has an easy solution.

Anything that one of your co-workers needs will seem like an excuse to get you out of your obligations. Anyone can have a day like that, Leo, but try not to be too obvious.

On the other hand, be careful and keep in mind that maybe you will be forced to face a series of setbacks on your own. Taking responsibility for the tasks of others, even if they can provide you with a moment of evasion, require that they be strictly complied with.


You will have the opportunity to participate for the first time in a sports competition. It may be a solidary race, a marathon -or half marathon- for a supportive cause or even a test of endurance and dexterity, such as an obstacle course.

Although until now this was an idea that you hadn't considered, the truth is that you will have enough capacity to face the challenge. Likewise, you will be delighted to realize that you have a physical form more than good and sufficient to be part of it.