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Full Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Sunday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 15th July
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As a good Leo, you aren't a person who hides, but you face the problems directly, no matter what they are. Still, it's true that in love you prefer being cautious and not take false steps, as an attempt to avoid any mistakes.

If you could, you would sit down as any romantic movie viewer would do to see how things evolve on a sentimental level and until you were sure that the outcome would be the one you want, you wouldn't assume any kind of role.

Being on the sidelines and trying to interfere as little as possible and even not sharing your worries isn't the secret of a stable relationship; but rather the origin of one based on secrecy and distrust.


Your hectic pace of life seems more like a top executive than someone in your real position, Leo. Although you know where you can find more profits and benefits and really aim high, bragging about what you don't have is a bit absurd.

If today you are willing to spend a little more that usually, think about how you will manage for the rest of the month or resign yourself again and try to save a little more for the future.

It would be more typical of the level of life to which you aspire to enjoy an afternoon of family leisure in style, shopping and without thinking about what you spend, yes, but for this you need your bank account to be with you.


Forcing the sight too much can create some discomfort during the day, Leo. There are times when you spend too many hours in front of the computer without having the proper lighting, which, in the long run, starts to take its toll.

At the end of the day you will feel very tired and you will have discomfort in the head and in the eyes, that can be manifested constantly throughout the day.

Prepare some home remedies to be able to face the day: an infusion of chamomile will help you to alleviate that ocular tension that you have, thanks to its relaxing properties.