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As a good Leo you have the biggest heart that can exist and although sometimes you focus too much on yourself, this week your heart and those of the rest of Leo who are single will have a lot to say.

A series of circumstances come to your life that you realize are repeated in a cyclical way: when you truly appreciate what you have, there comes that opportunity in which love appears in your life more easily.

This at first can turn out to be an annoyance, because you don't want to lose all those things that you have and that now you really value. However, in the end you are always able to surrender yourself and put aside that ego of yours.


Much of this day's rest today will be devoted to investigating the possible professional projects that you could start, either by proposing it to the company for which you work or independently.

In any case, this decision will be very appropriate since for the next few days the astral movements will create a series of difficulties in your work environment that will only be a sign that the time has come to change and get on with it.

If you think you can work better in another place, take action. You'll spend decades doing these tasks, so at least make it something you like.


The part that isn't physical should also be taken care of. That the ego has ceased to exert a strong influence on you shows a new way of seeing yourself that will be easier. You will look for new challenges, but they'll be internal.

For example, through work you can find tasks that help you feel fulfilled. You can also opt for some reading, perhaps among its pages you find some message of value that you apply to your day to day life, as it could be a new philosophy of life.