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Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 3rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Your relationships will continue to be characterized by having a very powerful force and intensity. You are going to make that great lion that you have inside roar, ready to destroy everything and make sure that everyone carries out their orders.

In love, you like to dominate the situation and when this isn't the case, it's clear that the person next to you does not belong to you. However, when you feel really comfortable in your relationship, the capacity to love never has limits for you.

In July, you will continue enjoying some passionate moments worthy of a romantic Hollywood movie. Whether you are single or not, the next few days will continue to be exciting, full of good feelings, experiences and some surprises.


These first days of the month for you are synonymous with whims. It's the way you have to enjoy your newly entered payroll, which you see as a reward for a long month of effort.

As overwhelming as the weight of the work may be, thinking of all that you can acquire once you obtain the benefits that you have harvested encourages you to move forward.

However, if you work for objectives or a commission, what you have received this month may seem small compared to what you have earned in other months. If you really want to get more, you will start the month with the most motivated, willing to not miss any opportunity.


You feel that a safety net protects you with every step you take and that in the end, everything will turn out well. But the truth is that the holes in that net that protects you sometimes makes it very difficult for you to keep walking, because you get entangled in every hole.

It's a good time now that you have to try to connect ropes and try to create a catwalk strong enough so you can continue your way without falling back through one of these holes.

The first step you have to take is the one that allows you in some way to signal the steps you're going to take and the direction you're going to follow. On the other hand, it's also a good time to receive one of those transcendental talks that end up stirring your interior.