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Full Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Tuesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th June
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When you want to establish some important guidelines that define your relationship, you have enough capacity to convince the other person to do so.

Your power of persuasion seems to become more subtle and efficient over the years, Leo, there's nothing that can resist you. If you're looking for a partner you may find in yourself the way to be attractive to that person that you are interested in, with special ease these days.

In the end, you always know how to make your natural charm look extraordinary to other people's eyes and that others fall at your feet. It's what having someone with a self-confidence as powerful as yours has to be, that you never fail.


You had planned your day by assigning a specific time for each task. When the workload is high, you organize yourself in such a way that you always manage to arrive on time and comply with everything you have to do.

However, today you may have to make an extra effort in that plan you had planned. An unforeseen event can turn everything upside down and make nothing come out the way you wanted.

Although this is a remarkable quality in you, it has one drawback: you leave everything for the last minute and you don't think about leaving some time for these cases. There's a reason they say that it's better not to leave for tomorrow what can be done today, Leo.



You will have an occasional headache that will bother you intermittently throughout the day. If you have had a copious dinner, your body may have not rested enough and that, added to the fact that you have woken up a little earlier than normal, causes your body to be somewhat lacking in energy.

The moment this becomes a habit, it can be dangerous. If when you get home you return to a culinary whim before going to sleep, you won't rest and you'll fall into a spiral that will exhaust your energies. All this, not to mention that you could even win an odd kilo.

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