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The influence of the moon begins to become less strong Leo. This means that, in relation to love, all crises that could affect your relationships will disappear.

There won't be that tension that you have sometimes felt and that have led you to rethink the future of your relationship. On the other hand, this is an issue that also affects Leos who are single: it seems that an incipient relationship is brewing and it will be very positive. It seems that a few days of the most joyful and colorful in this area of your life are coming, Leo.


Today will be a good day to invest, not only in the field of love, but also in the economic one. You will find a way to obtain resources without almost realizing it, as long as you know how to go to the right place.

That change that was expected in your economy, as you well know, can be positive if you are able to analyze the risk correctly. The time has come to study what options the different banks offer you and act with your feet on the ground.

Only by being cautious will you achieve the performance you desire. Don't rush or be carried away by the excitement of the great offers of which you haven't read the fine print. If you do, the result can be catastrophic for your economy.



Some joints can give you problems during today, Leo. Cramps are sometimes a sign that your body is missing some nutrient or that you aren't drinking enough water.

It would be good if you prepared a menu for today in which you include that food that you haven't eaten for so long, such as some type of vegetable. On the other hand, try to drink as much water as possible. Remember that every day you should take around 2 and 3 liters, Leo.