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Getting obsessed with being always perfect in everything isn't as positive as you think. When it comes to love, you should always leave room for mistakes and also improvisation.

Unfortunately, things never go as expected or respond to what the scripts of romantic comedies have written. Even if you're a person who loves your partner with all your strength, when they make a mistake you are able to become someone spiteful that would even be willing to take revenge.

Maybe sometimes your anger is justified, but you are taking some situations too much to heart.


Oddly enough, this week, the best decisions you can make in the workplace will be those that don't necessarily respond to realistic criteria.

You must allow your illusions and dreams to guide you, without worrying so much about how easy it may be to carry it out. Getting carried away by your impulses is something you sometimes prefer to avoid for fear of making mistakes, but this time you have nothing to fear, Leo.

Go for what you really like and enjoy this journey that will lead you to fulfill your dreams. Light the flame of possibilities and let your light guide you.


There are certain times when the body asks for more rest. Wednesdays are for you especially susceptible days to this happening and it isn't surprising that you even feel that your week seems endless.

The moment you want to start preparing for a moment of rest and relaxation, you will encounter some other setback that you should attend immediately.

In the end, you will have the feeling that you have spent more energy in the unexpected events than in what you really have to do.