Leo Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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Leos who are single will wake up ready to break with their single state. With the weekend around the corner and several social commitments in sight, the opportunity to meet new people will seem a good opportunity to go for the conquest.

A decision that will be quite successful, since they have the powerful influence of their regent, which will help them dazzle wherever they go.

The next step will be not to forget everything learned and have a bit of luck in finding the right person.


Today will be one of those days when your mind will want to take you away from where you are, possibly to a completely different workplace than you have.

In an attack of melancholy, you will remember all those goals that you set yourself a few years ago and that you have not finally fulfilled. You will think that perhaps you were satisfied with the first thing you found and that you gave up your dreams for comfort and job stability.

In a world where everything is competition, being the best required an effort that at that stage of your life you weren't willing to do. Maybe now the time has come to give everything and seek new professional horizons.


When temperatures go down, your body suffers. If there's something that a sign as warm as yours is not, it's cold. You may be influenced too much by your surroundings and may only be a reaction of your mind to the surroundings.

The best thing is that you take shelter at home and stay away from cold sources, at least until your body has regulated the temperature. They say that human warmth solves many problems of this type, perhaps your body is simply announcing that it's at a good time to start an affective relationship.