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Leo Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Insinuations are more powerful for you than certain words or expressions can be: you believe that behind them there are the true intentions of the other person hidden.

You like to shuffle all the possibilities hidden behind the messages that are sent to you and, sometimes, you even get to misinterpret what they say so that the situation could adapt to your interests.

The truth is that if it weren't for that mystery, nobody would be interesting enough to consider it worthy of your interest. A bit of intrigue isn't bad, Leo, but forget about being the writer of the scripts.


If you add the economic problems and your concern about having a tight budget to an occasional headache in your work, the result can be catastrophic.

In your most overwhelming vision of life -which can be overwhelming due to your strong impetus- you will feel like in an endless tunnel from which you don't know how to escape.

Luckily there is always some light at the end and even if you don't have a magic wand that allows you to convert reality into a place comfortable and favorable enough for you, in the next few days you will have to get the necessary tools to get to that place.


It seems that the viruses to which you are exposed threaten to do their things. That discomfort that you felt yesterday could have opened a door that allows them to get to your body, threatening to force you to stay in bed resting.

However, on this occasion it seems that the reason for your discomfort is because you have been infected by someone from your immediate environment, such as your partner, a relative or even a co-worker.

Avoid exposing yourself even more to a certain type of bacteria and try to hang in there as well as possible, you will need energy to cope with a week that seems quite complicated.