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Due to the last astral movement today you will continue with the same sensation as yesterday, a somewhat bittersweet feeling before which you must act with extreme precaution and also, moderating your words.

Excessive jealousy often leads to emotional breakups, Leo, something you shouldn't forget. Whether your suspicions are unfounded or not, the other person won't like to discover that you distrust them like that when in reality, it's not that you distrust them but yourself.

If your partner is rather discreet, avoid excessive demonstrations of feelings when you are in public, especially in front of strangers. For you it can be a way to "mark territory", which, truthfully, is frowned upon and outdated.


Are you having trouble finding a job, Leo? Do not worry, everything has its time. As the stars guessed for this week a professional success for all those who are working, job success will also come to your life.

They continue opening doors and creating opportunities around you, among which are some new professional alternatives that you hadn't valued until now but that you may find interesting.

You may find a job in a different sector that will give you the opportunity to develop other skills and abilities that you have but that are still hidden. In the long run, you will get that job for which you are qualified.


Your level of sexual energy is going to be sky-high, Leo, even though those little jealous attacks threaten to play some tricks on you. Maybe you can unleash passion in the phase of reconciliation and approach, that moment after the passage of a small storm.

However, you have a strong inner energy that will result in joy and smiles, at the mental level you will be in a very good mood. You will be able to excite everyone around you and your laughter will also be contagious.