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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Redacció


Love: Learn to enjoy what you have

You'll keep showing your seduction qualities during the month of July, Leo, especially during the first weeks of the month.

The month will start strong, because those Leos that are in a relationship will receive a news that will change their lives considerably. But in the long run.

In general, the single Leos and the ones that aren't will enjoy some loving and sentimental relationships characterized by a very powerful strength and intensity. 

Be careful with those high aspirations that you have, because they can end this idyllic environment that will predominate in your love relationship, Leo: it's when you start to think that your aspirations have no way out, when you take the most risk to make a too precipitated decision.

As the month goes by, you'll start feeling that you need a bit more trust in your partner, which will be motivated by the good vibrations that you have created: in the end, it will finish in a different way of feeling unite.

For those who are single, the stars don't foresee the arrival of a special person during these days, however, this isn't bad news: they will reaffirm their convictions and their lifestyle, ready to defend their preferences against all odds if necessary.

Money: Go for the promotion

The key to success lies in you as long as you enjoy and put all your passion in your work, you could almost say enjoying everything you do.

This month you will discover that working on what you really love makes the job more bearable, to the point that you might consider making your profession your way of life.

The first days of July -as is already the case at the beginning of each month- you will leap to fill yourself with whims. However, there are some workers, especially those who work on commission, who will see their payroll a little diminished and will have to tighten their belts a little.

However, the first weeks the stars will wrap you in an atmosphere of good energies for the working and professional that will allow you to devote a little more to the personal, thus being able to invest a little more time in the people you love.

The situation will give an important turn in the case of the Leos who are salaried, since they will spend much of the month thinking about how to get that promotion they so desire as quickly as possible.

Although the best thing is that they let everything take its course, impatience can become their great enemy, even causing some reluctance that can cause you to end up showing a disinterest that won't favor you in your professional way.

Health: New challenges and some instability

At the beginning of the month you will set a series of objectives, including one for which you may not feel fully prepared. Don't worry: if you put yourself to work with enthusiasm, the cosmos will help you to flow correctly.

Ultimately, you will feel that a safety net protects you, giving you the opportunity to create a path solid enough to walk along it with firm step.

This will bring about the beginning of a new way of seeing yourself: you will begin to notice the results of all the work you have been doing to improve, both internally and externally.

However, you shouldn't neglect: be careful on day 9, since you will suffer a small setback that will make you back on guard, while on the 15th you will feel especially tired, a symptom that will be linked to ocular exhaustion.

Towards the halfway point of the month, the instability in your health will become constant, suffering small discomforts that will make you feel in check. They will reduce themselves as the days go by, but it will force you to make changes in your last-minute plans.

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