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Full Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for Saturday July 28th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Being a secondary actor is something that in the long run would end up hurting you. Being with a person so similar to you can only go wrong, Leo: or you end up turning your relationship into an unsustainable competition or one of the two will end up feeling frustrated by being always in the background.

As a good Leo, you have always been very independent, but when it comes to love you are able to give everything for the person you love, including your own happiness.

It is clear that, on the other hand, you value sharing your life with someone who contributes and helps you grow. However, that the other person is always more successful than you is something that would be unbearable and end up undermining your self-esteem.


It seems that the time has come to start with those reforms of the home that you have pending. Whether you are on vacation or not, today you will have enough time to visit a large area specialized in DIY and home in which to find an interesting offer.

Painting the walls of a different color or changing the distribution of a room -such as the kitchen or the bathroom- will be the options that come into your plans, plus reasons to take advantage of the hustle and bustle that will be lived at home for a few days to change a little decoration.

Choose the colours that make you feel most happy and more calm they transmit depending on the room, Leo, and don't forget to choose an indoor plant, is will bring good energy to your home.


When light and heat come out, the last thing a Leo like you wants is to stay at home. And luckily, you have a weekend of free time and good weather to enjoy.

You won't be able to stand one more second inside the house because you will feel very active. In fact, you will spend your day here and there constantly looking for something to do.

It's important for you to be outdoors and let the strength of your astral king, the sun, illuminate you. You like to enjoy that feeling of freedom on a day when everything will seem perfect.