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It's evident that you are like a big cat: you only look for love when you feel that you really need it. The moment you think it's convenient, you launch yourself to the hunt and capture of your prey.

You have an advantage over the rest and that is that you are able to distinguish love from sex, you understand that having a most passionate adventure with someone isn't synonymous of wanting to start a love relationship.

The risk of this attitude is that if the other person doesn't share this opinion, you can generate collateral damage with your behavior. If you turn this attitude into a habit, there will come a day when you ask for love and you'll find something unexpected.


Dodging or even stopping the bullets that threaten your stability is one of your specialties. As a sign that grows before the great challenges, you know well that everything depends on the mental management that is made of a problem and then, of the security with which the actions are carried out to solve it.

Today you may be aware of some unpleasant comments made by certain people in your work environment. As you usually say, your opinion is only one in a million.

Once you know how to polish those comments and send them abroad, you stay calmed, but the king of the jungle won't accept turning a deaf ear to certain accusations.



There are some nervous tics that you have when you least expect it. Unlike the rest of the people, it seems that they manifest in your body when you are more relaxed.

It's a way of manifesting those internal problems that you have been dragging on for so many years: when you have no more urgent worries, your head looks for other problems to attend to.

It's in those moments when you are most capable of facing your own fears, why don't you step forward and free yourself from them?