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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 11th August

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The cosmic energy that prevails today over your zodiacal sign comes loaded with hope and possibilities, which will be especially reflected in the signs of fire as you are.

Everything that has to do with love, you will observe with a positive and optimistic look and you will notice how some of the things that you saw a few days ago difficult or even impossible, begin to turn out to be easier and more reachable.

It's very likely that those who are waiting for the arrival of a new member to their family can welcome them today, since a change of scenery is also expected in the family environment that is closely linked with this cosmic energy that the Magic Horoscope brings to this Saturday.


Continue as until now because for now you have and will have very accurate intuitions. Many times the key to success is in unexpected situations, or even in those that, a priori, seem disconcerting.

However, you should also avoid being too stubborn in your own decisions and attending to the advice of others, a trend that you are starting to have that could harm you financially, so it is advisable to get away from it.

Attending to the recommendations of your environment doesn't imply that you must follow them to the letter, but they can provide information that will be very useful when making a determination.



As far as health is concerned, the astral wave that surrounds you comes from your ruler, the Sun, so it continues to be favorable for you. This means that there is nothing you should worry about in this regard.

You will be able to fully enjoy your physical abilities and may even throughout the day you feel relieved of some discomfort that you have been suffering from on and off in recent weeks.

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