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Labeling the relationship you have with a person can be boring and unnecessary, Leo. The truth is that this isn't common among people born under your sign, but that marked passionate character that you have distinguishes you from others and makes you appreciate the love life in a different way.

Boyfriend, partner, lover... for you all these words imply a series of responsibilities between both of you that you don't think are necessary. You prefer that the other person gives you what they can and wants to bring you, without having to feel pressured by what is expected of him or her.

It depends on the person chosen, you may at some point find yourself in a somewhat conflictive situation, Leo. Today that person who you share your life with in some way will want to know what they mean to you and you will feel that you will have no choice but to respond sincerely.


You wish you could have money for anything! Or at least, not to think about how much you would like to buy some of those things. When the weekend comes you can't avoid wanting to enjoy things that aren't within your reach.

This is what managing a family economy that has a tight budget like yours means: what the other person has is what you're forced to do without.

Being able to give yourself a whim without waiting for your birthday will seem like a matter of life or death. So much so, that the truth is that it seems that you're letting yourself be influenced too much by advertising. Remember that the one who has more isn't the happiest, Leo.


Your desire to enjoy a pleasant evening or a party is something that you won't be able to stop. It's not that you need to run away from home and do crazy things that you'll remember all your life: you just want to have fun.

You may decide to plan something in your own home, such as a meal or dinner with your friends. You look radiant, you want to feel the center of attention and you know that on those occasions you don't stop receiving compliments for your culinary skills or even for your attire.