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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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There are two people that you know very well and who seem very interested in you. These are two people who are totally opposed to each other in terms of character, but who have in common that desire to be by your side that are so intense as to take them to propose a date.

Being a single Leo gives you the opportunity to meet someone who could become your next partner, but first you want to enjoy that feeling of being desired by more than one person.

Having the door open to love and knowing what your candidates can offer you isn't bad, although in the long run it will force you to close some paths.



Volunteering is an activity that you have always liked to do, although it's true that you haven't always had enough time to dedicate yourself to it.

Maybe with the arrival of the new month you are beginning to consider the possibility of joining an NGO or association that defends a cause with which you feel identified and can participate in a series of initiatives with which to improve the situation.

Enjoy everything you get and get ready for a new stage in which your professional side will allow you to have some more free time, time in which you can do everything you always wanted to do.


Accepting that your body has a certain predisposition to suffer certain problems isn't easy and requires a large dose of resignation, Leo. Either that, or you learn to give the right importance to everything.

If you stop to observe your parents, you may appreciate some features that could be repeated in you, such as alopecia in the case of Leo boys.

This isn't necessarily a determining factor, but it will help you to get an idea of the fate that awaits you. Don't keep the negative things only and start to get down to work as soon as possible.