Leo Daily Horoscope
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A small change in the position of the stars will make you feel a little different today with respect to how you have felt in recent days. They will be negative sensations, but nothing serious that isn't solved as soon as the planets change again.

In any case, what you will experience is a more impetuous emotional feeling, which will make you feel more sensitive to the environment and the comments of your loved ones: you won't want to receive a "no" as an answer nor will you accept criticism too well, which will generate in you a certain feeling of guilt.

You may even live a small episode of jealousy, but this will be solved as the day goes by. You will have to fight to not take things out of context: the measure and containment will be your allies, don't forget.




Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are projected in a new astral wave that will favor you if you have just started in a new job or you have proposed to make a new professional project such as a change of home or employment or perhaps a trip.

The favorable perspectives thanks to the atmosphere that surrounds your sign will make your perception of time change and it will make you feel that time flies by. This is what happens when you feel comfortable and truly happy with what you have.


It's time to continue exercising and having a bit of will to put into practice all that review of bad habits that have been harming you. You have already given the first step, which is often the most difficult one.

A little indisposition will help you to add new learning, to value the things you have and fully enjoy the present moment. As if you didn't know what is going to happen tomorrow, you will act accordingly and have as a standard the motto of "carpe diem".