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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Thursday 3rd May

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When you're in a good mood you're able to put a unique strength and dynamism in the activities you do. However, in a few days when the feelings seem to be at edge and you still don't know that person well, you should be careful not to rush.

Today can be a key day because of the position of the stars, which tell you that first of all you must take into account your feelings. On the other hand, another important aspect that you must take into account is that you can't get obsessed with the idea of having a definitive relationship, but rather limit yourself to enjoy each step.



You are lucky! It seems that at last you are going to receive back that amount of money that you lent to someone and that you were really waiting for. Be careful if you have already received it and avoid making unpremeditated expenses.

It's true that your bank account is now at a good time, but that is because you have just received the payroll. The most likely thing is that in the middle of the month you need to make a large outlay and it would be interesting if you still had that amount of money.

On the other hand, remember that the success in investments will be determined by prudence, so measure well the steps you take.



The healthy habits that you have struggled to acquire in recent months will be very important and will play a key role in dealing with the changes in temperature of the new season.

You must take measures to prevent any complications in your health condition and in the case that you have recently suffered from a flu, extreme precaution.

The position of the stars reveals that your defenses aren't going through their best, so try to strengthen them with some natural remedy or even taking some vitamin C.