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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 12th June

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Wanting someone to be up to scratch with you can lead you to fall into wrong thoughts and false hopes. Think that the higher your expectations, the higher the height from which you fall.

It's true that until now the other person hasn't stood up yet, but they'll do it very soon and then you will have the opportunity to see their true height. At that time, you may delude yourself even more or be disappointed because it wasn't what you expected.

In either case, you have to be prepared since your reaction may be unpredictable: the king of the jungle doesn't like to be shaded, let alone have someone who has caused them some disappointment.

Whether or not the reason is justifiable, the truth is that you can always bet on a third alternative: help that person to get the best out of themselves. A task that won't be simple but will make you feel proud and satisfied.



When you don't like doing any specific management, you love knowing that this task doesn't depend solely on you. Being responsible for the same task as other colleagues frees you from having to take care of it every week, although it isn't always the case.

The position of the stars reveals the arrival of a conflict in your office that will probably be motivated by something related to this issue: you may realize that you're the only one who is responsible for doing that task or that they accuse you of the opposite.

You know that if everything has been perfectly registered there will be no problems as you can prove that you are right. If by the circumstances you see it's necessary, let it be your bosses who are in charge of determining who is the one who doesn't seem to be able to adapt to the rhythm of everyone.



You will want to isolate yourself for a few hours from all the hustle and bustle of the big city. Maybe even the noise in your office is annoying, in general, you will feel especially sensitive to sounds.

You will feel that throughout the day you even suffer a small headache, an annoyance that nevertheless doesn't stop coming motivated by the lack of rest and sleep. Once again, remember that the solution is to sleep enough hours.

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