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There are loves that are very irrational and that doesn't mean that they aren't positive or that they are doomed to failure. You may suddenly see someone in your dreams that has nothing to do with you and that you are really attracted to him or her.

It's one of the ways that the subconscious has to change what you are looking for. You have probably been looking for someone who isn't worth your time.

Trying new things can lead you to discover new experiences and sensations that you won't enjoy if you don't dare to let yourself go. You never know what you can get from the experience.


Getting into an argument isn't something that you like, but despite this you know how to get out of those situations. Having conversational topics that will be a little complicated is motivating, although for this you may surprise more than one with an idea of the most novel as well as polemic.

In any case, you should be aware of any reaction you can see around you and make them all become your allies. Persuasion is something you're good at, Leo, so bring out that innate quality you have.


You don't want to stop in front of anything and you will think that there is no obstacle that resists. A phrase that has a lot of truth if it's a Leo who is motivated and in a good mood, ready to bring his claws out and fight for what they want. Although the universe is determined to tell you that you must stop, you won't listen.

You prefer to take the road to that dreamed place but as the day progresses you will realize that not taking any notice of your own body can have serious consequences.

Prepare the physiotherapist's phone number, because it's likely that you'll need it after that intensive training session that you want to do.