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You don't want to extend the approach to that person longer, Leo. If you really care, you must go for it, win that person over as soon as possible. It's good that you take your time, reflections and make sure of the decisions, even analyze the chances of success you have.

However, this doesn't mean that you have all the time in the world or that you should delay further the moment of taking a step forward in this matter. Time isn't infinite and lengthening too much can be a sign that we have some kind of insecurity or fear that prevents us. But this isn't your case, is it, Leo?


Leo isn't a sign that stands out precisely because of their altruistic actions, although this doesn't mean that they lack empathy or that they aren't willing to help others.

Today you will show that this is the case when you try to help a person in need financially. It's a gesture that honors you and that, why not say it, can even benefit you.

To the sensation of having performed a good action will be added the forces of the cosmos. And they say that the energy of all the good deeds that we do is sent to the universe and it returns it to us in triplicate. Prepare yourself to receive good news shortly.


You will have a considerable capacity to create good vibes, Leo. Although the day is cloudy and there are issues that you still have to attend, you won't give up on your bet to smile for as long as possible.

You will get to leave aside the worries and enjoy a moment of laughter that will give you that feeling of well-being that you need so much. You want to be in top shape and will do what you can to get it, even if the circumstances don't seem to accompany you too much.