Leo Magic Horoscope for 7th April

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Some people say that love is like a lightning bolt that falls at the most unexpected moment and without asking for permission. It comes when you least expect it and the truth is this question will make the single Leos think during today.

In your head there's a name that repeats itself over and over again, someone who, for some inexplicable reason, changed your life. It may be someone who you even had a romance with or a very intense and close relationship.

It's something superior to you, but today you will feel that your heart is happy and sad at the same time. The possibility of recovering that relationship will seem to you a more than considerable option.


Because you're afraid of the consequences of a bad relationship will lead you to be more aware of the reactions that others have regarding your actions. You'll prefer not to say anything and act as if nothing has happened even if you have made a mistake.

Someone as determined and sure of themselves as you won't stand much time like this. The best you can do is face the error and find a solution, it will be the best way to preserve that image that others have of you. Everyone makes mistakes, but very few know how to solve them.


It's Friday and with it, the weekend of the week and you're on "energy saving" mode. You will feel that fatigue takes over you in this end of a series of hectic days and focusing on what you have before you will mean more effort than usual.

You'll have to put all your effort to save the day, but luckily it will end before you know it. Your thoughts will become denser as the day goes by, try to see the present in a more positive attitude.