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You have a series of elements that will make you shine during today, Leo. The position of the stars with respect to your sign couldn't be more favorable on the day when the moon, on the other hand, will help you see the best of yourself.

It's a good time to be able to offer others a completely renewed image, leaving behind that impulsive person who seemed to be driven only by their own desires.

In this month of August, the time has come to see the best of yourself.


Your financial levels will improve dramatically if you start saving as soon as possible. You may have a bit of luck and you may be the winner of a raffle, or you may receive some kind of payment or income from some money that they have to pay you back.

In any case, everything indicates that you will receive an economic bonus that will help you to create a financial cushion on which you can begin to build the foundations of a more optimistic future.

Soon you can allow yourself a whim to enjoy yourself. Maybe it's a new acquisition or even a vacation to that place that you like so much.


Try not to spend too much time sitting on chairs without backs. Although it may be a gesture without more importance, spending many hours in these types of seats can cause you to end up feeling discomfort in the lower back.

It's in this area that a large part of the tension accumulates from your day to day and almost the entire weight falls on it. Leave the stools and look for a good chair where you feel comfortable and without pain. If you can't, walk and change positions as much as you can.