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Leo Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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After a few days of calm, your body usually asks for a bit of action. Today is going to be a bit complicated so you can dedicate yourself to deeper love. For reasons beyond your control, you won't get the time you need to be with the person you love.

Nor will the stars favor all Leos who are single, who may even receive bad news that ends up generating an attack of jealousy.

Discovering that the person you would like to get to know better seems to have put their gaze on another person that isn't you, won't be precisely everyone's cup of tea.


You'll continue this week with some headaches. It will be difficult to put yourself in situation during today, probably because you will continue having too many things to do.

In life, extremes aren't good and although for you they are always an opportunity to take on new challenges, perhaps today you don't find yourself sufficiently focused and end up focusing your attention on secondary issues.

Being as strong as possible isn't difficult for you, but being forced to assume that today won't be the best day of the week will end up putting you in a bad mood.


You could trip over a stone and end up hurting yourself in the least expected place. The reality is that today's absent-mindedness can cost you some upset. You never know what could happen, so look ahead and don't lose detail of everything that happens in your environment.

The slightest mistake can be paid dearly, so look for the way to be as prudent as possible. There are times when external aggressions come in a certain way to make us think about everything that could happen if we underestimate what surrounds us.